Save Money | Buy Quality Gear

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The saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true when talking about outdoor gear.  When purchasing gear, always go for top quality items. They will last longer, perform better, and enhance your overall outdoor experience. 

As far as cold weather face masks go, ColdAvenger masks are some of the best you can get.  ColdAvenger masks are designed to do more than just cover your face.  Through function inspired design, ColdAvenger masks protect your airways from extreme cold weather, manage moisture away from skin, allow for free breathing for extended periods of time, and help prevent fogging.  They are of quality design, and will be a part of you gear for years to come.

The choice is yours.  Use a regular neck tube, have it barely last the season, and be miserable in real cold.  Or, use a ColdAvenger for years to come.