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ColdAvenger FR Balaclava (All Sales Final on FR)

ColdAvenger® FR Balaclava - FLAME RESISTANT (All Sales Final)

Compared to the ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava, this flame resistant model is for the industry worker who require this material, while the Expedition Balaclava is made for the best comfort leisure wear in the harshest of cold weather.

The ColdAvenger® FR Balaclava is designed for those who need flame resistant protection during harsh winter conditions.

This mask is frequently used in military and occupational settings.

The unique two-piece design allows for easy removal of the ventilator without having to remove the full balaclava or other headwear.  The balaclava also features a neck opening, allowing you to take the hood off easily, or leave the hood attached to a hard hat.

The ColdAvenger® ventilator is made of a flame resistant, soft, medical grade plastic. The ventilator design mixes inhaled cold, dry air with exhaled warm, humid air to achieve a micro-climate of comfort around your face and airways.

Hidden nose-wire over the nose bridge allows you to custom fit over your nose. The mask attaches by a hook and loop closure.

ColdAvenger® will help you Stay Out Longer® in any cold weather.

  • Made with Polartec® FR fabric that combines the performance benefits of heavy fleece with the protection of permanent flame resistance (meets ASTM D6413 flame test & NFPA70E arc test, HRC2)
  • Soft, flexible and durable FRC ventilator made with proprietary FRC resin blend (meets UL 94 V-0 flame test)
  • Protects the airways against the damaging effects of cold air
  • Insulates your face, head, neck and ears against winter weather, frostbite and wind damage
  • The ventilator allows you to breathe freely without claustrophobic feeling
  • Designed to wear with protective headgear and safety goggles to prevent fogging
  • Comes in Navy

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The Science:

The ColdAvenger design and function is based on established science which documents the adverse effects of cold exposure on the face and airway, and the mitigation of those adverse effects. Our patented design offers multi-functional protection for cold operations and survival.

  • Allows Unrestricted Breathing
  • Warms & Humidifies Inhaled Air
  • Supports Core Body Temperature
  • Protects Face, Head & Neck
  • Manages Excess Moisture Away From Face Prevents Fogging

No Interior Valve:

We've decided to abandon the green interior valve. The vast majority of our customers told us they do not use the valve and many had problems losing the part. We've passed this savings off to you. We left the post in the ventilator to accept the green interior valve in case there is a need, so let us know. You can also purchase here