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Physician Designed with Your Lungs in Mind

ColdAvenger masks help prevent cold weather triggers for those with COPD and Asthma

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Helps Those With Lung Conditions Enjoy Winter Weather

Invented by a physician to help prevent his own cold induced asthma, the ColdAvenger's design is based on the medical science of providing warm, humid air to help stop the triggering of asthma and COPD. The ColdAvenger helps to humidify and warm the air you breathe while allowing unrestricted breathing at rest or during physical activity. It also protects the facial skin from cold which alone can trigger asthma.


"I wore the ColdAvenger Pro Softshell mask I purchased first time today. The ambient temp at 7:30 AM was -12C and -19C with wind chill. I have minor heart damage from a viral infection which can push me into heart failure. The ColdAvenger Pro lets me walk my dog Keeley (a 63 lb golden doodle) with ease at our local off leash area. It is quite nice to be able to breathe easily in cold weather. A great product, many thanks!" - Dr. Michael Caley

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