ColdAvenger face masks are the best option for staying warm in cold weather.

Outdoor enthusiasts of all types enjoy the protection ColdAvenger cold weather face masks provide. Skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, snowshoers, mountaineers, winter bike commuters, arctic explorers, and outdoor professionals all benefit from the ColdAvenger ventilator. We are also used by soldiers, cold-storage workers, motorcyclists, Airsoft enthusiasts, oilfield workers, asthmatics, and heart patients. Anytime someone wants to stay warm, they turn to ColdAvenger winter face masks. The ventilator and it’s humidifying properties keep you warmer than any other standard face mask. Not only does your face stay warm and dry, but your overall core stays warmer, allowing blood to fully circulate, keeping fingers and toes warmer than without. Experience the world’s best face mask in half-face and balaclava mask styles. Stay out longer. Check out our web store and learn more about each ColdAvenger style.