ColdAvenger Personal Protection Mask

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ColdAvenger's Personal Protective Mask covers the nose and mouth and can be used by health care personnel, patients, and the general public. The masks are designed to benefit those serving in health care settings who have a potential for exposure to patients or infectious materials.

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ColdAvenger Personal Protection Mask

Our face masks comply with the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization for availability of face masks (April 18, 2020). They are authorized under the EUA when used by members of the general public, including health care providers in health care settings as personal protective equipment in accordance with CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Constructed of 3 layers of laminated polypropylene fabric that meet ANSI/AAMI PB 70 and ASTM F1671 resistance to blood borne pathogens and the 16 CFR 1610 flammability standard.

Recommended for one-time-use in high risk situations. In low risk environments the user may clean the mask by gently wiping or spraying with 70% isopropyl alcohol in accordance with CDC guidelines. Do not wash with soap and water, or launder, as this will damage the materials.

  • ANSI/AAMI PB 70, ASTM F1671 level 4 blood borne pathogen resistance
  • 16 CFR1610 flammability standard
  • Provides full ice coverage from nose to chin
  • Ties in back to allow easy on/easy off fit
  • The product is non-sterile
  • The fabric is soft, odorless and non-irritating to the skin

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The Science:

The ColdAvenger design and function is based on established science which documents the adverse effects of cold exposure on the face and airway, and the mitigation of those adverse effects. Our patented design offers multi-functional protection for cold operations and survival.

  • Allows Unrestricted Breathing
  • Warms & Humidifies Inhaled Air
  • Supports Core Body Temperature
  • Protects Face, Head & Neck
  • Manages Excess Moisture Away From Face Prevents Fogging

No Interior Valve:

We've decided to abandon the green interior valve. The vast majority of our customers told us they do not use the valve and many had problems losing the part. We've passed this savings off to you. We left the post in the ventilator to accept the green interior valve in case there is a need, so let us know. You can also purchase here