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  • September 15th, 2014

    Winter Asthma & Cold...

    Most people seem to have more asthma related problems in the winter than in the summer. This fairly common ailment can interfere with quite a few people’s daily workout or other routine, causing them to stay indoors during cold weather. Here at ColdAvenger, we believe a little cold air shouldn’t stop anyone from gett... Read More

  • September 12th, 2014

    The Crucial Face Mask For...

    ColdAvenger is dedicated to making and delivering on the highest quality cold weather gear for outdoor adventurers and workers around the world. Our patented line of cold weather face masks and balaclavas are a...
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  • September 10th, 2014

    Prove You’re Just a...

    As fall approaches more and more of the country will undergo a change in the weather that will literally be cold comfort for those who shun the hot sun. Hey, we get it. We can’t wait for the snow and cold...
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Our Athletes

  • Susmita Maskey

    Susmita Maskey, a Nepal native, is an accomplished climber, a social activist and a motivational/public speake... Read more

  • Joe Henderson

    Joe Henderson is a pioneer in dog sledding in the sense that he has perfected a method of tr... Read more

  • North Pole Expeditio...

    In the beginning of March 2014 two students, Kristoffer Glestad and Lars Mangerud Flesland, will start an adve... Read more

  • Thomas Ehmke

    German ultra-marathoner Thomas Ehmke is at home in the toughest conditions. Look for him in all the top ultra ... Read more

  • More Than Just Me

    The More Than Just Me Foundation was formed for the exclusive purp... Read more

  • Michael Meusburger

    Michael Meusburger is a fifteen year old European freerider from Bezau, Austria.  After honing his skills in ... Read more

  • Felicity Aston

    British explorer, Felicity Aston, is the first and only woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone. The... Read more

  • Ryan Hollow

    Ryan Hollow grew up winter climbing in Montana on the windswept peaks of the Rocky Mountain Front and Glacier ... Read more

  • Scott Gilmour

    Scott Gilmour is a keen outdoorsman, runner, and photographer.  He has competed in the Yukon Arctic Ultra and... Read more

  • Alex Hibbert

    Alex is a world-record holding polar expedition leader and photographer.  Only twenty-seven years old, he ha... Read more

  • Blair Falahey

    Blair Falahey is an Australian athlete who has defied all odds against him.  He is able to climb to the highe... Read more

  • Michael Coyne &...

    Lifelong mountain sport athletes, their love for each other & sense of adventure takes them on expeditions... Read more

  • Bonnie Moebeck

    Bonnie Moebeck is a dedicated mother of four children and an avid racer, bodybuilder, triathlete. She is from ... Read more

  • Bret Wydysh

    Wydysh is a respiratory therapist at the University of Utah medical center and is also working toward his AE-C... Read more

  • Tyler Armstrong

    Tyler Armstrong is a record breaking young mountaineer. At age 7, he is the youngest person to climb Mt. Whitn... Read more

  • Kyle Bingham

    Inspired by great climbers before him, Kyle has always had his eyes on the great mountains of the world. Growi... Read more