Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

ALE reaches Antarctic destinations others don’t.

They provide the logistic support and safety backup needed for climbing groups to Vinson Massif and Antarctica’s highest peaks, expeditions to the South Pole and flights to Antarctica. A strong environmental ethic underlies ALE’s Antarctic operations.  ALE managers and staff have considerable experience and a strong involvement in Antarctica. We believe in safe and sustainable tourism where expeditions and clients leave Antarctica with a greater understanding and appreciation of its natural values. We encourage a culture of environmental awareness within ALE’s staff and contractors. Following the purchase of the pioneering commercial Antarctic tour-operator Adventure Network International, ALE is now the only organisation offering expedition support and tours to the interior of Antarctica. Here is what Chris Nance from Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions has to say about ColdAvenger cold weather face masks. “In Antarctica exposure to bitter cold, blowing snow and ferocious wind is a constant threat.   The difference between success and failure on any skiing or climbing expedition often depends on how we mitigate our risk.  If you care about protecting your face against cold injury, need to ventilate while having maximum coverage, or simply want to feel comfortable when the tables turn in mother natures favor, the best defense is a ColdAvenger face mask.  I do not go to Antarctica without ColdAvenger.”

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