Classic Fleece - Seconds Sale

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FACTORY "SECONDS" SALE - The Classic Fleece factory "Seconds" sale provides sale prices for masks with minor cosmetic defects or flaws. All masks are fully functional and but come with minor cosmetic defects such as discoloration, markings or a funny stitch. All flaws are minor and not related to construction integrity. 

The Classic Fleece mask provides warmth and comfort without the weight. Made with Polartec® 200-weight fleece, the fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable. The patented ventilator allows free breathing while comfortably warming and humidifying inhaled air. A hidden nose wire allows for a customizable fit and improved comfort.

The Classic Fleece is our lightest mask, but it still packs a punch against the cold. Made in the USA. 

SIZE: One Size Fits Most

We do not accept returns for factory "seconds". Please contact us with any questions. 

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Classic Fleece - Seconds Sale

The Science: The ColdAvenger design and function is based on established science which documents the adverse effects of cold exposure on the face and airway, and the mitigation of those adverse effects. Our patented design offers multi-functional protection for cold operations and survival. Independent testing within a cold chamber has shown the ColdAvenger will transform -72F air outside the ventilator to an average of 59F air inside the ventilator.

  • Allows Unrestricted Breathing
  • Warms & Humidifies Inhaled Air
  • Supports Core Body Temperature
  • Protects Face, Head & Neck
  • Manages Excess Moisture Away From Face Prevents Fogging


ColdAvenger Masks are NOT designed to provide protection against dust, debris, particulates or viruses and no longer include "green insert."