Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a ColdAvenger® work?

ColdAvenger face masks work by creating a micro-climate in front of your nose and mouth.  A portion of each exhaled breath is retained in the ventilator cup and passively humidifies the next inhaled breath.  The ventilator also manages extra moisture away from skin and allows for 100% free breathing where other masks eventually freeze up.

Why do my goggles fog up when wearing a ColdAvenger®?

Solving goggle fog is a tough issue. The ColdAvenger is only one part of the solution. Using an anti-fog coating on your lens and goggle placement are also important. By paying attention to your breath, taking care of your lenses, and correctly wearing goggles, you can make fogging a thing of the past. 

When you first purchase goggles, they have an anti-fog coating on them. As you touch or wipe the lenses, this wears off and needs to be reapplied. It is important to not touch the inside of the lens as this wears off any coating.

There are many commercial anti-fog coatings, and also some home remedies. The best one we have found is dish soap. Just add a small dab to the inside of your lens, then buff off with a soft (non scratching) cloth. When it looks like nothing is left on the lens, you are good to go. The soap creates a residue on the lens which prevents fog from forming in the first place.

Lastly, make sure you keep your goggles in position over your eyes. If you raise them up to your forehead, extra moisture from sweat is introduced to the inside of the goggles. As soon as you bring them back down, the temperature will change and the extra moisture will turn to fog on your lens.

So remember, anti-fog coating, leaving them in place, and using a ColdAvenger will enable you to see in any situation.

Will the mask fog my regular glasses?

The ColdAvenger® was designed to be worn with goggles.  Some of our customers have found that the ColdAvenger® also prevents the fogging of regular glasses, however we make no claims that the ColdAvenger® will prevent the fogging of regular glasses. We do have a self-adhesive foam insert available, which fits directly inside the ventilator over the nose bridge, to help improve comfort. This has been able to eliminate fogging of some customer’s glasses.

What is the difference between the ColdAvenger® Classic and the ColdAvenger® Pro?

The only difference between the ColdAvenger® Classic and Pro is the fabric. They both have the exact same ventilator. The Classic is made with “classic” fleece which breathes and insulates well, but is not windproof or water resistant. The Pro is made with “soft-shell” fleece, which is tightly knit fleece with a laminate nylon shell that makes it wind and water resistant. Both have the exact same ventilator which humidifies and warms inhaled air, manages moisture and allows for total free breathing. We usually suggest the Classic to folks who are less active or moving slower and the Pro to folks who are working at a higher rate of activity or moving faster.

Will the ColdAvenger® fit underneath my snowmobile/motorcycle helmet?

All of the ColdAvenger® masks are designed to fit underneath both half helmets and full MX type helmets with use of goggles.

What are your return policies?

With health issues being a major concern of our business, we will not accept the return of masks that have been used/worn. We do not consider a mask to be “used/worn” if it was just tried on for fit. For safety reasons, we will not accept the return a mask that has been used/worn.

How do I clean my ColdAvenger®?

The ColdAvenger® is made using only the highest quality materials and therefore should not require much cleaning. If you do have to clean your ColdAvenger® we highly recommend that you hand wash with mild soap and allow the ColdAvenger® to air dry. Machine washing is not recommended.