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Extreme conditions have met their match: ColdAvenger Face Masks.

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Members of the Military have relied on ColdAvenger masks to protect their face and airways to support their mission in cold weather operations. The ColdAvenger mask prevents water and heat loss from the lungs by creating a microclimate of comfort around the face and airways. The US Army Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) tested the ColdAvenger Expedition and it flawlessly performed, protecting soldiers in a temp range from 25 F to -55F.

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"The ColdAvenger is outstanding for arctic operations. It mitigates the chances of cold weather injuries by preventing soldiers from having to take off facial layers or fogged goggles to be able to breathe. My unit jumped into the Arctic Circle last year in below zero temperatures and many of us had these masks. We plan on the same jumps this year with the ColdAvenger because it's a game changer!" - William C. Stanley, U.S. Army, 2014


We have heard time after time that people will buy our mask for the comfort and practicality of our mask while sleeping outside in the negative degree temperatures. They will say that the mask helps prevent fogging on their sleeping back and doesn't restrict their breathing at all so they can get a good night sleep. In this case we would recommend just getting the Classic Fleece as it is the most affordable and the best when using just inside a tent or camper.

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