Protect Your Airway in Cold Weather with ColdAvenger Face Masks

Designed by a Physician 

The ColdAvenger face mask was designed by a physician to protect his lungs and airways from the damaging effects of cold, dry winter air while on the ski slopes. The unique ventilator was designed to provide airway warmth and humidity, unrestricted breathing, and facial skin protection, features critical to protecting lungs and airways in cold weather.

Helps Those With Respiratory Conditions Enjoy Winter

People with a variety of respiratory diseases including asthma, chronic cough, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, cold weather rhinitis, cold induced nasal hyper-reactivity, rhinorrhea, nasal congestion, and nasal burning that occur from exposure to cold air have provided unsolicited testimonials extolling ColdAvenger’s benefits. Individuals with cardiovascular disease have also expressed positive benefits from ColdAvenger’s micro-climate of comfort in testimonials regarding the products use in cold weather.

Helps Promote Airway Health

The ColdAvenger protects facial skin, allows unrestricted breathing and creates a warm and humid "microclimate of comfort." According to the American College of Sports Medicine, a counter measure for decreasing the occurrence of cold related airway damage, exercise induced asthma and decreased performance is to protect facial skin while increasing the warmth and humidity of inhaled air without decreasing airway resistance when breathing rates are high. (Prevention of Cold Injuries During Exercise, Position Stand, American College of Sports Medicine, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 2006; 38:2012-2029). 

Customer Testimonials


I have a rare lung condition wherein I start to suffocate in air temperatures below freezing. Also, my head is too large to accommodate the "wraparound" style of mask. The Balaclava fits me perfectly and is truly a life saver for me. Combine that with exceptional customer service and I am truly a customer for life. Thank you Katie and thank you ColdAvenger! Kirk

Kirk G


I deliver mail on foot, spend 8 to 10 hours in the cold wind, sometimes freezing rain and sleet. I needed something that would stop the wind and that still allowed me to speak to my customers, this works wonderfully! I had a problem with the cup around my nose and mouth at first; it would nearly cut my nose. I adjusted the piece just above the nose and stopped that.

Bryan K