"Works great!!!"

I work in the oilfields on the north slope in Alaska. Literally in the Arctic up here. Normal winter temperatures reach -70 and lower in the long winters up here. I have tried almost every cold weather mask out there and this one blows the others away. It works and it works well. Don't waste any money on other cheap masks because they don't work and your goggles or safety eye wear in my case will just fog up and freeze up. But not with this mask. It keeps them free and clear of fog and ice buildup all day long. I bought one last winter and I was hoping they would make an FRC version and I just learned that they do now. So I'm going to track on of the FRC ones down and try it this winter. It's September up here and already getting cold. Single digits and the snow is building up.

Nathan Bundy on Sep 30, 2015


"I've wanted to thank your company for this amazing mask."


I bought mine about 5 or 6 years ago because I have severe asthma and the cold air during winter would set me off and make me very sick so I got it so I could go out at night and do stuff but my life has changed a lot since then. The main reason I am writing is because this mask has allowed me to not only climb but summit two of the world's 7 summits by wearing this mask day and night. I have been able to push my body and my mind further then I've ever been able to because this mask has made it where I don't have to worry about my asthma. I'll probably upgrade from the basic one since I've had it for so long and I'm pushing myself harder and further then ever before. Thank you all for making it easier for me to explore.

Coo Dy | The Woodlands, Texas

"I have asthma…"
I have asthma and have been watching out the window when my wife or daughter snow blows the driveway because of the cold air. When it usually got below 25 degrees I would make it a point to stay in the house and in Chicago, that was most of the winter. I have been out in below zero temperature wearing the mask to the car and then removing it once I’m in the car and then putting it back on before I get out of the car to walk into the house or store. This mask has given me my life back in the winter. The only down side is now “I” go out with the mask on and snow blow the driveway even when it’s cold and my wife watches out the window from inside the house. All joking aside, it makes a guy feel pretty bad watching out the window as his wife snow blows the driveway and now I can smile and tell her stay in the warm house and I will take care of the driveway.
Dave, Chicago

“The past 3 winters have been very difficult for me as I have developed Reactive Airway Disease from complications of Bronchitis.  Two years ago I coughed from October through February, and endured 3 rounds of Prednisone burst (steroid) therapy with very little improvement.  My pulmonologist told me it is vital to cover my mouth and nose whenever I venture outside in cold temperatures, even if only walking from my door to the car. Yet this was not ideal since the restricted airflow would soon leave me feeling suffocated and needing to uncover my nose intermittently. As a result, my outdoor activity was very limited.  I even parked right outside of the door at work instead of parking in the parking lot (a few blocks away) or instead of being able to take the bus. Also as a result, I gained weight (due to prednisone and lack of activity) and even got a little depressed.


Desperate not to have another winter like the last 3, I began searching the internet for a way to replicate an indoor environment while walking outdoors.  The best answer I could come up with was to purchase a snowmobile helmet or motorcycle helmet and just wear that….I didn’t care how weird I would look.  This is especially true now, since I often need to take the bus to work and it is a long walk from the stop to my office at the University of Nebraska.  Walking around downtown with a motorcycle helmet on my head seemed a small price to pay compared to how bad my lungs get in the bitter cold Nebraska winters.  During my internet search I happened upon the Talus Outdoor Tech. site and discovered the ColdAvenger. THIS was the answer I had been looking for (I hoped)!!


I ordered one at once but when it arrived and I tried it on in my living room, I was skeptical to say the least.  The air-flow was so unrestricted that I thought to myself, “No way will this warm the air enough to work for me.  I’ve been had.”


Fast forward to a cold morning in October.  Time to try out the ColdAvenger while walking to the bus stop and waiting for the bus.  It wasn’t too cold out, but cold enough that my lungs would be irritated.  I could NOT BELIEVE what a difference it made!!  No coughing!!  No aching lungs with every breath I took!!  And warmed air to breathe in!  I was floored.  My cynical sister, however, cautioned me—not much of a test…wait ‘till it gets really cold out, then we’ll see how well it works.


Fast forward again to today—December 8, 2009, where the early morning temp. was a mere 8 degrees and as I write this we are in a blizzard warning.  This morning, I drove to work and parked in the parking lot.  I walked in to work from the lot in wind chills approaching below zero.  Not only were my lungs totally comfortable, and the air I was breathing warm, but I didn’t even feel cold!!  The difference that having my face covered makes in this kind of weather is remarkable.  Add the fact that I am just recovering from pneumonia and H1N1, I feel like the ColdAvenger is nearly a miracle to me.  ColdAvenger allows me to be outdoors during the winter as much as I want and /or need to be.  I am certain that if it weren’t for this product I would require at least one round of steroids just to get through the winter.  Now, not only am I prednisone, cough and pain-free, but I can also do the things outdoors that I need to do without any adverse lung reactions whatsoever.  When people ask me what the ColdAvenger is and if it really works, do they ever get an earful!!  I have even given information about your product and how well it works to my primary care physician as well as my pulmonologist.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such a wonderful product. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has truly changed my life.”

Wendy L. O'Connor, Lincoln, NE   "The masks worked great."

“Last weekend my 14 year old son and I gave the ColdAvenger mask a real world test at Whitefish Mountain (formerly Big Mountain).  At first we were skeptical and at the lower elevations it really wasn’t that cold so we left the masks in the car.  We were kidding each other that we looked like Darth Vader.  We then took a ride on the lift up to the top of the mountain.  There was a blizzard going on and white out conditions.  We put on our normal ski masks and proceeded down the mountain.  Halfway down we stopped after our goggles had fogged up and our masks had become frozen.  We agreed to give the new masks a real try and skied down the mountain to get the ColdAvenger mask.  We put them on and headed back up to the top of the mountain.  My son and I then spent the rest of the day on the top of the mountain skiing the backside.  It only took one run and we were blown away!  The masks worked absolutely great.  It lived up to all of your promises on the web-site and packaging.  We didn’t fog up nor ice up the rest of the day.  It was easy to talk to each other and I didn’t come home with my usual chapped lips.  Congratulations on a great product!  We no longer kid each other and it has now become a necessary part of our ski gear.  We think your on to something and that within a few years it will be the standard for most winter enthusiasts.”

Doug Freeman, Missoula, MT  

"I was warm from head to toe."

“I am ending the season praising the ColdAvenger for saving me each time I went out and faced 40 Mph winds and negative temps.  I was warm from head to toe proving that with the right gear you can go anywhere for any amount of time you want.”

Paul Zedeck, Colorado

  "Military Operations"

“First airborne jump in the arctic circle, sustained zero cold weather injuries.  The ColdAvenger mask is ideal for these freezing temperatures to mitigate cold weather injuries due to taking off layers or fogging over goggles.”

William C Stanley, SGT USARMY

“I never wear face masks because they always freeze up and seem to make things worse. I just got back from skiing Breckenridge where I used the ColdAvenger Pro Softshell at 15°F with gale force winds. Everyone on the chair lift was burying their faces, but I didn’t feel a thing. No wind burn, no freezing water around my face. The humidification of inhaled air was also nice. This product will make all the difference on being able to enjoy the outdoors on a cold day.”

Jason R.
  "Asthma Prevention" “I had the misfortune of getting pneumonia , bronchitis and an asthma flare up all at once last year and after searching several sites I decided to purchase one of your Expedition Balaclavas.  I just wanted to let you know how much I love your mask and how it saved me at work.  I am a Chicago Police Officer who chooses to ride a bike year round.  I had to ride my bike soon after getting sick in November and  so the balaclava was a life saver. Thank you.” Leslie Padilla, Chicago PD
  "Ultra-running at thirty below zero"

“I just recently purchased your ColdAvenger Classic Fleece models from our local Cabela’s.  My plan was to wear the mask for outdoor running as I am training for a spring ultra-run.  I have worn the mask twice now, once for a 16 mile run and the other was a short 3 mile run.  Both days the temperature was in excess of negative 30°C with the wind chill.  I am very impressed with your product, it will certainly be a regular part of my gear as I continue training this winter.”

Scott Sugimoto
  "ColdAvenger on Denali"
“Just wanted to let you know I used the ColdAvenger Pro Softshell on Denali this spring, and it lived up to its billing!  It kept my face warm when we were descending (in 40 knot winds) without giving me that suffocating feeling that most balaclavas give me.  I was also the only one who wasn’t coughing (due to the cold dry air) when we made it down to high camp. Keep up the good work!”
Robert Ocampo