What is a ColdAvenger

ColdAvenger = Performance.

The ColdAvenger® is a patented line of half face masks and balaclava face masks which provide comfort, protection and warmth unlike any other piece of cold weather gear available.

Incorporated into every ColdAvenger face mask and balaclava is our patented ventilator that allows 100% natural free breathing while passively warming and humidifying incoming air. The ColdAvenger ventilator also prevents the fogging of goggles and removes excess moisture away from the facial skin.

Face masks are commonly overlooked as an essential piece of cold weather gear. No matter how warm and protected the rest of your body may be, if your face is exposed and you are breathing cold air, your body must work harder to stay warm. The ColdAvenger ventilator warms and humidifies incoming air so your body will maintain core temperatures more efficiently and stay warm in cold temperatures. It also allows free breathing, prevents the fogging of goggles and removes moisture so you can breathe, maintain clear sight, and stay comfortable in cold temperatures.

Wear a ColdAvenger®. Stay Out Longer®!

If you would like to learn more Technical information about the ColdAvenger and how it works please visit our Technical Performance page.

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