Bonnie Gagnon

Bonnie Gagnon is a dedicated mother of four children and an avid racer, bodybuilder, triathlete. She is from Newport Beach, California but now lives in Eagan, Minnesota. She is set to compete in Minnesota’s Arrowhead 135 on January 28th ,which is a 60 hour winter bike race. Bonnie has suffered many health issues and was even hospitalized for Lemierre’s Disease, a rare and deadly disease that first infects the lungs, causing pneumonia, and then spreads throughout the body causing anaerobic septicemia. Through all of this Bonnie has recovered and now more avid about getting outside and her passion for racing has only increased. She will use the ColdAvenger in her race to keep her lungs healthy and safe. Her mantra, "Never let adversity mitigate your success." Check out her blog to follow her many adventures.