News | ColdAvenger Face Masks
  • We have a new flame resistant balaclava coming out this season!  Keep an eye out for a late fall delivery on our ALL BLACK ColdAvenger FRC with hood opening.  This new mask has all the features of our top of the line products. This mask features a neck opening, hard hat tabs, and our patented ventilator piece.  All of the fabric used is inherently flame resistant and will protect after being washed.

  • During summer, most people think cold temperatures are long gone.  While it is time for shorts and t-shirts for most people.  Some workers still have to bundle up for super cold temps. Cold storage facilities for processing food or pharmaceuticals can reach temperatures of -10F or colder.  With prolonged exposure to cold air, workers can face dangers usually only associated in the winter months.  It is important to wear proper cold weather clothing to stay safe in these situations.  

  • Summertime in the Northern Hemisphere means winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  For Antarctica, this means no sunlight for months and some of the coldest temperatures on Earth. Check out these pics of Dr Kenneth Iserson, Lead Physician at USAP McMurdo Station, Antarctica.     "It was about -50F wind chill where I was standing.  My face was fine; my feet were freezing!" Dr. Kenneth Iserson, MD. Dr. Iserson is wearing the ColdAvenger Pro face mask.

  • The saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true when talking about outdoor gear.  When purchasing gear, always go for top quality items. They will last longer, perform better, and enhance your overall outdoor experience.  As far as cold weather face masks go, ColdAvenger masks are some of the best you can get.  ColdAvenger masks are designed to do more than just cover your face.  Through function inspired design, ColdAvenger masks protect your airways from extreme cold weather, manage moisture away from skin, allow for free breathing for extended...