Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

Having glasses and goggles fog up in cold weather is very annoying. Once you understand why the fogging is happening, solving the issue becomes an attainable goal.  Let’s take a look at the reasons why this annoying occurrence happens.

Fogging happens because of the phase change of matter.  Water vapor (from exhaled breath and sweat from your forehead) cools down when it touches the lenses.  The cold lenses cause a phase change as the warm vapor touches them and turns into a liquid.

The first step in preventing fogging would be to use an anti-fog coating on the lenses.  An anti-fog coating discourages moisture from sticking and prevents the fog from sticking to the lenses.  The second step is to not touch or wipe the lenses.  Many goggles (which the ColdAvenger is designed to work with) and glasses come with an anti-fog coating.  Touching or wiping the lenses removes the fog coating, allowing fog to form.  The third step is to not raise goggles or glasses up to your forehead.  When you do this, water vapor from your sweat will phase change to the inside of the lenses.  Lastly, try to redirect exhaled breath away from lenses.  This is where ColdAvenger face masks come in.  Use the hidden nose-wire to create a seal at the bridge of your nose.  This prevents moist air from coming in contact with cold lenses.

Nobody likes it when their lenses fog up.  With these steps, you should be able to prevent the fogging from happening in the first place.