Who is at Risk of Cold Weather Dangers?

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Any worker engaged in cold weather work can be at risk from cold-related stress disorder. Even those working indoors in cold environments, such as cold storage or food processing areas, can have risk related to chronic cold exposure. Workers in milder climates may be less prepared to cope with their environments and can therefore be at risk as well. An important issue for workers to recognize is that having an underlying lung disease, vascular disease, diabetes, or heart disease makes them especially at risk for cold weather injury. Workers who are not physically fit are also more prone to cold weather injury. Other individual risk factors include the following:

  • Working under the influence of alcohol or drugs (illegal or prescription)
  • Working for prolonged times in the cold
  • Working in wet or damp conditions
  • Workers exposed to vibration from tools
  • Working at heights or climbing ladders
  • Working in windy conditions
  • Working without proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Workers not acclimated to the cold
  • Workers with prior cold injury are at a higher risk