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ColdAvenger Pro SoftShell Mask

ColdAvenger Pro SoftShell Mask

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The ColdAvenger® Pro Softshell face mask is a high-performance, wind-blocking mask for the coldest air and wind. The fabric is a wind-stopper fleece, and is water resistant.

The ColdAvenger® ventilator is made of a soft, medical grade plastic. The ventilator design mixes inhaled cold, dry air with exhaled warm, humid air to achieve a micro-climate of comfort around your face and airways.

Hidden nose-wire over the nose bridge allows a custom fit over your nose. The mask attaches by a hook and loop closure.

ColdAvenger® will help you Stay Out Longer® in any cold weather.
  • The Pro mask is made from a wind-stopping fleece and is water resistant 
  • Protects the airways against the damaging effects of cold air
  • Insulates your face and ears against winter weather, frostbite and wind damage
  • The ventilator allows you to breathe freely without claustrophobic feeling
  • Designed to wear with goggles to prevent fogging

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