High-Performance Cold Weather Face Masks

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High-Performance Cold Weather Face Masks

ColdAvenger cold weather face masks do more than just cover your face.  By humidifying and gently warming each breath, ColdAvenger face masks help protect your airways from drying.  ColdAvenger masks also help maintain core temperatures and reduce cold stress.

Humidifying airways is important for mitigating symptoms associated with Asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions.  The ColdAvenger cold weather face mask was invented by a physician with asthma who designed a face mask which does more than just cover your face.  This simple piece of outdoor gear will allow you to improve your lifestyle in the cold, while helping protect you from potential asthma flare-ups.

Talk to your doctor today and ask them how a ColdAvenger mask can help you in cold environments.  You will find ColdAvenger masks may be the difference between going outside in the winter and being stuck on the couch. 

The Science: The ColdAvenger design and function is based on established science which documents the adverse effects of cold exposure on the face and airway, and the mitigation of those adverse effects. Our patented design offers multi-functional protection for cold operations and survival.

  • Allows Unrestricted Breathing
  • Warms & Humidifies Inhaled Air
  • Supports Core Body Temperature
  • Protects Face, Head & Neck
  • Manages Excess Moisture Away From Face Prevents Fogging

Independent testing within a cold chamber has shown the ColdAvenger will transform -72F air outside the ventilator to an average of 59F air inside the ventilator.

No Interior Valve: We've decided to abandon the green interior valve. The vast majority of our customers told us they do not use the valve and many had problems losing the part. We've passed this savings off to you. We left the post in the ventilator to accept the green interior valve in case there is a need, so let us know.