CORE Balaclava

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The CORE Balaclava combines a traditional balaclava hood with a moveable face mask providing full coverage as-needed. The face mask can be pulled up or worn down, but is fully connected at the sides of the head. The mask features a nose wire for customizable comfort and fogging prevention. 

The CORE Balaclava is made with Polartec® Wind Pro® fleece that is soft, stretchy and breathable. The tightly knit exterior is resistant to wind and snow. 

The innovative design of this balaclava is patent pending. 

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CORE Balaclava

The Core Balaclava integrates with cold weather goggles from the US Military Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) with minimal skin exposure, and the fabric does not bunch up under the goggles. It's designed to fit snugly on the head under the Army Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) without causing discomfort due to fabric bunching or bulky seams.

The portion covering the neck is long enough to be tucked into the collar of an Army issued cold weather jacket or parka. It will stay tucked during moderate physical activity (e.g., rucking, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing).  

The CORE Balaclava is Cold Operations Required Equipment. 


  • Provides thermal protection to the head, face, and neck between wet cold (20° F) and the lower end of intense cold (-25° F) environments.
  • Has a service life of at least 120 days under combat/field use.
  • Minimizes eyewear fogging when worn with cold weather goggles.
  • Has a total weight of 2.4 oz (S/M) and 2.7 oz (M/L). 
  • Be easily donned and doffed.
  • No irritation against the skin.
  • Berry Amendment compliant, 100% made in the USA. 

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