Expedition Balaclava - Seconds Sale

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FACTORY "SECONDS" SALE - The Expedition Balaclava factory "Seconds" sale provides sale prices for masks with minor cosmetic defects or flaws. All masks are fully functional and will fit properly, but come with cosmetic defects such as discoloration or markings on the exterior fabric. As an example, the white S/M balaclavas have been marked improperly as L/X.

The flaws are minor, and may not even be noticeable. Select colors and sizes below to see what items are available for the sale price. 

The Expedition Balaclava is designed to protect against the coldest temperatures. This two-piece system provides premium protection: the balaclava hood covers the head and neck, and the detachable face mask covers the nose and mouth. The face mask has our patented ventilator that helps warm and humidify inhaled air. A hidden nose wire allows a custom fit.

The fabric is Polartec® Wind Pro® fleece that is soft, stretchy and breathable. The tightly knit exterior is resistant to the wind and snow. Overall, the Expedition Balaclava provides superior comfort and protection for your coldest adventure. Made in USA.

We do not accept returns for factory "seconds". Please contact us with any questions. 

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Expedition Balaclava - Seconds Sale