Outlaw Half-Mask

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The ColdAvenger Outlaw is shaped liked a bandana and inspired by heroes and villains from the American wild west. The patented ventilator warms and humidifies inhaled air, while still allowing free breathing during exercise. A hidden nose wire allows for a customizable fit and improved comfort. The Polartec® Wind Pro® fleece is soft and stretchy, but also has a tightly knit exterior to resist wind and snow. This is a prefect do-it-all cold weather mask. Made in USA. 

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Customer Reviews

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Pamela B.
looks like it will work well

it has not been cold enough to use this product but recipient is looking forward to trying it. ( it was a gift)

Raymond F.
Outstanding Product

Cold Avenger Masks actually do as advertised. Extremely grateful I discovered them a number of years ago, I always have one in my saddle bags, I can not endorse them enough for cold or rain on the Motorcycle.

Lela P.
Excellent product!!!!

Used this product a few times and love it. Worth the purchase!!! Will recommend this product to more people!

Jeanne K.
Works as advertised

Asthmatic and working in Communication Construction.
Needed something to keep warm moist air to breath during cold weather.
It works for me! Thank you..

Tom P.
Cold Avenger mask helps warm air in cold weather

Cold Avenger works well as it holds heat in the breathing area space of the mask thus warming incoming air. I was surprised how good it works. Thanks for a great product!

Outlaw Half-Mask

The Science: The ColdAvenger design and function is based on established science which documents the adverse effects of cold exposure on the face and airway, and the mitigation of those adverse effects. Our patented design offers multi-functional protection for cold operations and survival. Independent testing within a cold chamber has shown the ColdAvenger will transform -72F air outside the ventilator to an average of 59F air inside the ventilator.

  • Allows Unrestricted Breathing
  • Warms & Humidifies Inhaled Air
  • Supports Core Body Temperature
  • Protects Face, Head & Neck
  • Manages Excess Moisture Away From Face Prevents Fogging

ColdAvenger Masks are NOT designed to provide protection against dust, debris, particulates or viruses and no longer include "green insert."