The Type of Cold Weather Clothing Most Overlooked

When it comes to preparing for the cold, the proper types of clothing are important.  Not only will the proper clothing keep you warm and comfortable, but in some cases, it can save your life.

When prepping for the cold, most people think of the standard gear (gloves, boots, layered clothing) to keep warm.  The most overlooked piece of gear is a face mask.  Not just any face mask, but one which can manage moisture away from skin and humidify airways.

Humidifying airways in the cold does a number of things.  First, it helps manage dehydration.  The breath you see in the cold is water leaving your body.  Without constant hydration, this can become a dangerous problem.  A ColdAvenger face mask helps retain some of that moisture, which in turn helps prevent losing water.  Second, humidifying airways protects lungs from the damaging effects of breathing in cold/dry air.  This helps reduce cold stress and mitigates the symptoms of breathing issues such as asthma, COPD, and Cystic Fibrosis.

The ColdAvenger also helps manage excess moisture away from skin.  This is important for staying comfortable over long periods of time.  With other "normal" face masks, moisture freezes and breathing through them becomes a challenge.  ColdAvenger masks allow free breathing all day while staying comfortable for long periods of time.

By humidifying airways and gently warming each breathe, your body doesn't have to work as hard to maintain core temperatures.  This allows for circulation throughout the body and keeps your fingers and toes from getting cold.  Thinking about the air you are breathing does wonders when trying to stay warm.

In short, make sure you add a ColdAvenger face mask to your cold weather clothing.  Your body will stay warmer overall while allowing you to breathe free and safe in the cold.