Delta Cooling Mask

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The Delta Cooling mask is our lightweight and comfortable personal protection mask. Made of two layers of a "cooling" fabric, this mask will feel lighter and cooler than traditional face masks. Stretchy loops attach the mask behind the ears and then swoop down behind your neck allowing you to (1) customize the tightness and fit behind your ears and (2) wear the mask around your neck when not needed.

Instructions to wear and tighten the mask:  
First, you will need to find the three loops. There are two ear loops at each end of the mask, and one large neck loop. Put your head through the large neck loop so the mask is hanging around your neck and towards your chest. 
Second, using both hands, grab the two ear loops and put them behind your ears and place the mask over your nose and mouth. Adjust the fabric to cover your face. 
Third, using both hands, reach up to the bottom of both ears. Grab the neck loop that is hanging behind your neck and pull backwards. This should tighten the ear loops and snug the mask to your face. 
When you want to take the mask off, you can take off the ear loops and allow the mask to hang around your neck on your chest! 

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Delta Cooling Mask