Outdoor Gear

One piece of commonly overlooked outdoor gear is a cold weather face mask.  Here at ColdAvenger, we believe a face mask should do more than just cover your face.  Our patented line of face masks will quickly become part of your winter outdoor gear.



ColdAvenger face masks warm and humidify your airways as you breathe.  Each exhaled breath retains a bit of moisture inside the ventilator piece.  This passively warms and humidifies the next inhaled breath.  

Warming and humidifying your breath protects bronchial passages while maintaining core temperatures.  When using a ColdAvenger in a cold environment, your whole body feels warmer, much like wearing an extra base layer.

Another benefit to wearing a ColdAvenger is a reduced chance of goggle fog.  Each mask includes a hidden nose-wire which creates a custom fit at the bridge of your nose.  This fit, along with anti-fog coating on your lenses, will mitigate fogging with all-day comfort.

For a complete list of our masks, check out our Product Page Here.